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Former local newspaper editor John Cowpe will be signing copies of his debut novel: ‘Ill Winds’ at Skegness Library on Thursday (November 30)

Written under the pseudonym John Pendleton, the novel is a tale of lust and infidelity set in Scotland’s Isle of Skye.

Isle of Skye

The story is a contemporary one, with a bitter feud over a wind farm development suggesting parallels with barbaric clan battles of the past.

It also takes a look at ‘second sight’, that mysterious and unwelcome gift claimed to afflict some Highlanders.

The tale revolves around a happily married and creative English couple, who move to Skye to fulfil their pipe dream of a better life.

They become enmeshed in the dispute over the wind farm and meet a rich assortment of local characters – a mixture of the funny, the devoutly Christian and the dangerously violent.

‘And their world is soon turned upside down’.

‘Ill Winds’ is available in paperback from Amazon Books and on Amazon Kindle.

Ill winds by John Pendleton (John Cowpe)

“I’ve had some really positive reviews for the book so I thought I would try to let more local people know about it,” said Mr Cowpe. “I am extremely grateful to the staff at Skegness Library for their encouragement in allowing me to carry out a book signing session.”

John will be at the library all day on Thursday, (November 30), signing copies of his books, which will be available to buy.

Here is a selection of readers’ reviews of Ill Winds:

“The story is a fascinating one, with a strong concept that is intriguing from the start. The novel feels very current, with its intelligent engagement with the wind farm debate forming a good background to the compelling story of infidelity and lust that plays out in the foreground. The fast pace of the narrative is a real positive, and we especially liked the wonderful cast of unusual, often amusing, secondary characters too.” UK publisher.

“A thoroughly enjoyable page turner with a very topical theme and the timeless forces of sexual attraction and avarice played out on the idyllic isle of Skye. Sex and wind farms. What more could you want?”

“A good read. Really captured the essence of Skye and its inhabitants.
Look forward to the next novel by the same author.”

“I really enjoyed the lively characters in the story and the descriptions of the lovely Isle of Skye. The twist in the plot took me by surprise! Thank you. A great read and look forward to the author’s next book.”

“A very enjoyable read with a strong pace maintained throughout. I liked the caricature of the English gentry! Pendleton’s passion for the topography and people of the Isle of Skye is matched by the passion of his love scenes. Well done on your first published novel – we look forward to read the next one.”

“A thoroughly enjoyable read. The issue of wind farms is currently a hot topic and the story reflects the passions that are raised by it. The beautiful setting on the Isle of Skye just enhances these passions. It all culminates in an ending with a novel twist.”

“I loved it and recommend it to anyone who wants a good read about Skye.”

“Ill Winds is a gripping page turner. I couldn’t wait to find out the fates of Jack and Sophie and I was really shocked at the twist in the end!
I loved the description of the Isle of Skye and found it so vivid that even though I haven’t been myself, I felt transported to the Highlands.
Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable read and one that I would definitely recommend.”

Former Skegness Standard Editor John Cowpe

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