Beware: Warth Lane ‘Pothole(s)’

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Road users in Skegness have been contacting the Skegness Siren regarding the ‘unacceptable’ condition of roads in the area.

One particular road that has received much of the attention concerns Warth Lane – the road which connects Wainfleet Road to Lincoln Road, via the town’s waste recycling plant.

In parts, the holes in the road are more than 6 inches deep and have been responsible for a number of near accidents which the Skegness Siren has been aware of.

We contacted Lincolnshire Highways and sent them our pictures.

The local highways manager said:

“We are aware of the potholes on Warth Lane and are arranging for them to be repaired. There is an issue with standing water on the road which might mean that takes slightly longer than usual, but we are hoping to have the repairs completed in the next week or so.”

Have you had any problems with potholes locally?

Meanwhile, on a separate issue, regarding the County’s roads, engagement session regarding the Lincolnshire Coastal Highway have taken place:

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