Repairs for B1196 Hanby Lane, Welton le Marsh

Lee Croft Environment, Transport Leave a Comment

Improvements are taking place on the section of the B1196 that runs between Welton le Marsh and Willoughby. 

Repairs are expected to be completed by Friday 23 February.

To ensure the improvements can be carried out safely, the road will need to be closed throughout, with traffic diverted via the A1028 and A1104.

Mark Heaton, programme leader –surfacing and patching, said:

“Certain sections of the carriageway have suffered wear and tear over the years, so we’re going in to replace them.

“We will have to close the road while we do this, which we realise will cause some local disruption. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.”

The team is also planning a second phase of improvements in the area later in the year. Further details will be released when available.

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