Hodgkinsons Team Up with Kirk’s Butchers to Raise Money for Local Charity

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On Friday 29th June 2018, Hodgkinsons hosted their final event for the ‘Accumulator Challenge’ which is ran by St Barnabas with the goal to raise money for their charity. The challenge has been running since April and ended on Saturday 30th June. All participating teams are allocated £50.00 which they are to maximise by using the money in ways which will see a return in donations.

Over the last three months, Hodgkinsons have hosted numerous events both externally and in-house such as:

  1. Bake Sale
  2. A Carboot Stall at Burgh Roundabout
  3. Chocolate Basket Challenge’
  4. Marvelous Mystery Box Auction’

With only a few days left in the challenge, Hodgkinsons were keen to continue to raise donations until the very end by hosting two final events on Friday 29th June. One event was an in-house ‘Meat Crate Sell-Off’. The event supported by Kirks Quality Foods, Skegness, who kindly provided Hodgkinsons with a BBQ Pack of meat and cake for trade price. The crate will be sold in-house and all proceeds will go towards helping the daily running and future of St Barnabas Hospice.

John Kirk, Owner of Kirks Quality Foods, Skegness commented:

“This has been a fantastic way for Kirks to get involved with not only a local business but a local charity. I think it is fundamental that local businesses work together where possible and use their services to an advantage to raise money for local charities and I am glad that my company has, in part, been able to help raise money for such a good cause.”

Hodgkinsons also hosted a ‘Yellow Day’ in which staff wear yellow in exchange for a donation. The company updated their social media with pictures throughout the day so head on over and follow their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts to see the photos.


Having recently competed in the ‘Accumulator Challenge’ which was hosted by St Barnabas Hospice, Hodgkinsons are proud to reveal that they have raised an impressive £558.42. The amount raised was done so in a three-month period from the 3rd April – 30th June. This challenge is new for 2018 but has already experienced a fantastic response with 14 local businesses taking part and joining together to make an amazing total of £18,518.91.

All proceeds from the fundraisers go to St Barnabas Hospice which is Hodgkinsons charity of choice, to contribute towards the annual funds which keep the hospice running. Fundraised income goes towards the support and care of half of the hospices’ patients. The hospice offers free end-of-life care and support to those living with life-limiting or terminal illnesses, and their family and carers. They currently help over 9,000 adults in our community to live to their full potential with such illnesses and are committed to improve their already excellent services.

Stephen Hill, Senior Director at Hodgkinsons commented: “St Barnabas is a fantastic organisation and it is very rewarding not to only support such a great charity but one that is local to our community. At Hodgkinsons we pledge to donate both our time and money through events small or big, to a very deserving charity whose efforts make a huge difference to the lives of many local people.”